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The Foundations of Counselling Course is an entry level course and consists of 4 Modules

The first module ‘Introduction to Counselling Skills’ can be taken as a ‘taster’ module.

Introduction to Counselling Skills – (Taster module)

This module introduces you to the importance of the therapeutic relationship and active listening skills. Practice in small groups builds your confidence in your skills development. This is supported by progressing your knowledge of basic theory, and your understanding of how concepts relate to practice.

Developing Personal Awareness

This module helps you to understand more about how you and other people tick and why this is important when you use counselling skills to help others. A variety of methods help you develop your reflective skills.

Common Personal Themes

This module considers typical issues that lead people to seek help. Specialist speakers familiarise you with a range of themes, implications for the helper, and resources and ways of helping.

Developing Counselling Skills and Theory

This module introduces you to a wide range of counselling skills and a 3-stage framework for helping others. It builds on the previous modules and draws from counselling theory to cover the helping relationship and professional issues. Continuous skills practice in small groups, and feedback helps you to develop your counselling skills and trainees are supported to become reflective practitioners.

The Professional Diploma in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy

Our Professional Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy course has been Accredited by the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society which means that graduates have a more straightforward route to apply for registration and our Accredited Register. You can check the name of your course against the NCPS listing on the ‘become a counsellor’ section of the their website

This course is based closely on the highly regarded Diploma in HE in Counselling that we used to deliver at Sheffield Hallam University, updated to meet the latest (2014 implementation) BACP requirements. See Downloads for more detailed information.

  • A solid and professional training delivered by expert practitioner-tutors
  • Unlike some other Diploma trainings this three year course supports you through to completion of all training requirements and includes Clinical Supervision.
  • Experience and research indicates that clients are best served by an approach that takes account of their diversity. We also respect students’ diversity and train you to use yourself within the therapeutic relationship, which is the agent of change, and to respond to a variety of people and problems using a range of methods.
  • We place a high value on integrity and ethical practice.
  • Past students have all gained placement experience in the public and voluntary sector in Sheffield and the surrounding region.
  • Former students have successfully entered private practice and/or gained posts in the public sector (e.g. primary and secondary health, education) and the voluntary sector and gained BACP accreditation. Many have gone on to further specialised training.