Counsellor Placements

We recommend that all students on our Foundation and Diploma courses have an outlet, outside the classroom, to practice the skills they are learning.

For the Foundations of Counselling course this can be any activity that involves you in speaking with people where there is some emotional content to the conversation. This might be as part of your work role, potentially with family and friends (although they may not welcome you counselling them!) or in a voluntary role.

It is a course requirement for all Diploma Students to complete a formal counselling placement as part of their training. Finding placements can be a challenging process for students, and we make every effort to support you through this process.

Operations Director Sally Lee supports students to find a placement, and liaises with Placement Providers. Our aim has been to facilitate a successful placement experience, both for all our students and Placement Providers. We have built up solid and lasting relationships with Placement Providers and we have achieved this through on-going communication, maintaining good working relationships, and actively seeking feedback. We are very proud to say that we have a number of Placement Providers who consistently take and value our students.