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Questions for Foundation students Applying for the Diploma

If you are an existing foundation student and wish to apply for the Diploma then you will need to update your foundation application. The deadline for Diploma applications is the end of May.

1. Update your personal statement to include learning from the foundation course
2. Update your employment history, work experience and training if there have been any recent changes.
3.  There is no requirement to resubmit references, certificates, written work or photo if you have provided these previously.
4. No interview fee for current foundation students
5. The Deadline for Diploma applications is the end of May.
6. Our advice is to submit early.
7. There is a download on the website called ‘Please read before applying for Foundation and Diploma’ – have a read

Advice from a Diploma student is to consider all three years not just the first. There will be a placement in Years 2 and 3 to factor in at least half a day to see 3 clients a week. Consider the costs, the time commitment, personal commitment and all the practicalities involved.

Any questions contact Sally by emailing

Good luck !