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Trainee Counsellor Blog sites

A few of our students choose to write blogs on their reflections whilst training. They pick topics within Counselling which they are perhaps wishing to highlight and question for themselves. Click on the following to view their pages.

Ciaran Graduate Diploma Student 

Ben Graduate Diploma Student

A number of our graduates can also be found on social media platforms such as  Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  If you are a user of these platforms you may wish to follow and connect with other trainees or therapists.  The Academy S.P.A.C.E is on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.  Here we share information that may be useful to counsellor trainees.

Some Instagram accounts of graduates are:-


Michelle Leeder counselling

Yourtherapy Doncaster

If you are interested in writing a post for our ‘Blog’ section then please do get in touch by sending an email to