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S.P.A.C.E for Blogs!

Hello and welcome to our new S.P.A.C.E for blogging!

We hope to bring you regular blogs about what it is like to train as a counsellor

This was inspired by our students, a number of whom, have started writing blogs.

We encourage the writing of journals to reflect on practice and learning and in some ways the blog has become an extension of that.

We would also like to invite contributions from Qualified Counsellors on therapy related topics.

For now here is a link to an article ‘Who’s afraid of the big bad blog?’’s-afraid-of-the-big-bad-blog-6-reasons-why-therapists-should-write?utm_campaign=buffer&utm_content=buffer61df1&utm_medium=social&

And the link to Lynn’s Blog on Letting go of Magical Beliefs.  Lynn is a second year Diploma student and blogger who has inspired other students to do the same.